The Flipped Classroom – 3rd Class


Rainforest Research – Junior FLL 2017/SESE

Click on these links to carry out your research into the Amazon Rainforest:

Information about the four storeys of the rainforest – focus on South America – find out more about the animals that live in the different storeys of the Amazon Rainforest.  Remember, your animal has to share its habitat with the bee so keep to land and air, not rivers please.  If you have any questions, you can email them or post  them to the project padlet.

Scoilnet – Rainforest Research Link

DK Findout – Rainforest research link

Make a note of your findings or upload images on our class rainforest projects padlet by clicking here: 3rd Class Rainforest Projects Padlet


Fractions Task – 3rd Class

Step 1: Watch this short video from Khan Academy about fractions:

Note to parents: If this clip is not displaying on your PC, you may need to download the free software FlashPlayer at Download Adobe FlashPlayer here.  If you’re using an iPad, you will need to install an app reader for Flash e.g. Photon Flash Video Player.

Step 2: Next, click on this link to watch this short clip about fractions and have fun playing the fractions games here:

BBC Bitesize Fractions Introduction with games 

Step 3: Let us know what you have learned by adding to the class fractions padlet here:

3rd Class Fractions Padlet


Task 3

For today’s flipped lesson, you are going to make your own paper airplane at home.  Please bring your finished airplane into school tomorrow and we will try them out!  To begin, you will need: 1 x A4 sheet of paper.  You can pause the video or replay it to allow you time to create your airplane.  Have fun!

If you’re having any problems viewing this video on this page, you can watch it here:   Please make sure you get your parent’s permission before watching this on YouTube.

Task 2

Here’s the link to our class padlet on Aviation History for today’s flipped lesson:

Task 1

Please look through this video.  We will be doing activities based on it in class.  If you’ve any questions, write them down and we will discuss them tomorrow.