Exploring technology

We were very busy in Senior Infants during Tech Week 2016.  We learned more about programming through the use of our floor-robot, Bee-Bot and practised our letters too!  We practised their photography skills by taking individual photos on the digital camera during our technology hunt around the school; and we made lovely digital pictures in Art using MS Paint for Digital Art Week.

Tech Week 2016

We practised using the digital camera to take these photos.


We love our floor robot, Bee-Bot


We had great fun working together to create our digital gardens!

Valentine’s Day Collages

The Senior Infants were very busy making these fabulous Valentine’s Day collages, piecing them together bit by bit.  They sketched their pictures first and then searched for their colours in magazines, finding varying shades of each colour.  They then cut their selection of coloured paper to the right size to make their collages look amazing!

100_1711 100_1712 100_1716

Autumn in Junior Infants!

Looking Back – Autumn 2015

Early days in Junior Infants ……getting to know each other through play!

Click on the Download File link to view the pictures.


Galway Jersey Day – September 4th

Junior Infants - Galway Day, Sept 4th, 2015

Junior Infants – Galway Day, Sept 4th, 2015

Having a HOWL of a time at Halloween !

We had lots of very interesting and spooky characters at our Halloween party.  As Junior Infants are so good at counting,  we decided that we would count how many of each exciting dress up costume we had that day, sa seomra ranga…………Look and see if you can recognise yourself ! Try to count how many witches, skeletons, ghosts, pumpkins, devils, vampires, pirates, cats, supermen, Star Wars characters, Ninjas,  cowgirls and Lightening McQueens we had ?

Click on the Download File link to view the slides.


 We also had a very ghoulish cake brought in by a pirate……..

Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet Cake

Did it taste as gruesome as it looked ? Absolutely……..Not!

A deadly cake...........

A deadly cake………..

Who would have thought that such an artistically macabre (deadly!) cake would taste ever so SWEET….”delicious”  indeed was the buzz word as Junior Infants licked their lips, with a few devilish grins !

The yummy red velvet cake was quickly devoured by the hungry goblins in Carrabane that day and our pirate and some helpers did a super great job of sharing it around! Junior Infants were all very kind in sharing their party treats with each other.  Well done!

Room on the Broom

Junior Infants loved the author Julia Donaldson’s Room on the Broom story and were very good at listening to this story! We all loved the following story line especially………..”The witch tapped the broomstick and whoosh! they were gone.” Junior Infants were very good at recalling this line as we read this very enjoyable book.


A Glimpse of Autumnal Art by Junior Infants

Junior Infant Art

Junior Infant Art

And a splash of Christmas thrown into the mix !