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Ireland 1916 Centenary




Drawing by Eoin in 3rd Class



Padraig Pearce

  • Padraig was born in 1879 in Dublin.
  • He had a great interest in the Irish language.
  • He was teacher in an Irish speaking school called Scoil Eanna.
  • He was also a barrister and a poet.
  • At the start he just wanted to have Ireland own parliament but later on he decided he wanted full freedom.
  • When the Rising was going on, he was over the GPO.
  • It was him who declared the surrender on the Saturday of the Easter week.
  • He was executed by a firing squad on 3rd of May 1916.

James Connolly

  • James Connolly was born in Edinburgh in 1868.
  • He was a trade union leader.
  • He founded the Irish Citizen Army.
  • He was also in charge of the GPO but got injured.
  • During the Rising he was appointed Commandant-General of the Dublin Forces.
  • He was executed on 12th May 1916.
  • He was the last of the leaders to be executed.

Thomas Clarke

  • He was born in England in 1858.
  • His father was a soldier in the British army.
  • He was a shopkeeper but he was also an expert in dynamite.
  • He was one of the leaders of the IRB.
  • He was the first person to sign the proclamation.
  • He was one of the people who occupied the GPO when the Rising was going on.
  • He was then executed on the 3rd of May, 1916.

Thomas MacDonagh

  • Thomas MacDonagh was born in 1878 Tipperary.
  • He almost became a priest but decided to become a teacher instead.
  • He loves the Irish language and he was a poet as well.
  • He met Padraig Pearce in the Gaeltacht as they both loved Irish.
  • He also teaches in the same school as Padraig Pearce.
  • He was appointed Director of training for the Irish volunteers in 1914.
  • He was one of the commanders at Jacobs biscuit factory.
  • He was executed on the 3rd of May 1916.

Sean Mac Diarmada

  • He was born in Leitrim in 1884.
  • He immigrated to Glasgow in 1900 and in 1902 he moved to Belfast.
  • He loved Irish so he joined the Gaelic League.
  • He Joined the IRB in 1906.
  • He got a disease called polio in 1912.
  • As he was in a high position in the IRB he was in the GPO when the rising was going on.
  • He was executed on the 12th of May 1916.

Joseph Plunket

  • He was born in 1887 in Dublin.
  • He was a son of a papal count and was educated in England and Ireland.
  • He joined the Irish volunteers in 1913.
  • He travelled to Germany with roger Casement in 1915.
  • He joined the IRB in 1915.
  • He was one of the rebels who were in the GPO.
  • He married Gifford while in Kilmainham gaol.
  • He was executed on the 4th of May 1916.

Eamonn Ceannt

  • He was born in Galway in 1881.
  • He was a founder of the Irish Volunteers.
  • He had an interest of the Irish culture and language.
  • He was also a uileann piper.
  • During the rising he was a commander of St James Hospital.
  • He collected weapons in the successful Howth gun-running operation of 1914.

By Michael and Mathew, 6th Class