Active Homework Challenge

Active Homework

This week, we are starting active homework. Every day, we do a different stretch or exercise. You colour a star for every ten you do.

If you do any other thing that is active, you write down what you did and how long you did it for.

Examples of stretches and exercises are, jumping jacks, sit to stand and bear crawl. 

active homework gets great fitness into you. everyone enjoys it.

by ciana 4th class

The Lunchtime Walking Club

The Lunchtime Walking Club

In our school we are lucky because we have a 1 mile walk down a country road were nearly no cars drive on. So our teachers make the most of it and any sunny day all the classes join up together from 3RD class  up to 6TH class  on big break . Then we all walk down to the end of the road and back up again to our school it usually takes around 10 or 15 mins. The best thing is you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to . By Cian Connaughton 4th Class