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Homework task explained:

  • How water comes into our homes – explain how water gets from rivers and lakes into our homes and what happens to the water along the way.
  • Problem – explain what problem happens during this journey that your team set about fixing.
  • Solution – explain how your team came up with the solution to this problem.
  • What we learned – write about what you feel your team has learned (about water, working in a team, engineering/design and anything else that you’ve learned).
  • The water cycle – this is to give some background information about water.
  • Water conservation – write about water conservation in a simple way to show you understand what it is.
  • How your project solution will improve water conservation (e.g. fixing leaks so there is less waste)
  • Engineering and our project – a simple explanation of engineering for children and about our class visit from an engineer

Team members and their tasks:

Ruth – Problem

Claudia – How water comes into our homes

Thomas – The Water Cycle

Daragh – Solution

Emilian – Engineering

Jack T – What we learned

Philip – Water conservation


Jack R – Problem

Zara – water conservation

Conor S – Engineering

Conor F – The water cycle

Ella – Water conservation

Emma – What we learned

Cian – How water comes into our homes

Oisin – Solution


Caoilinn – Water conservation – how our project helps

Sylwester – The water cycle

Ciara – Water conservation – a simple explanation

Timmy – What we learned

Sally – How water comes into our homes

Ryan T – Water conservation – how our project improves things

Meave – Solution

Rory – Problem


Erica – Solution

Aoife – What we learned

Ryan F – the water cycle

Alex – Engineering

Jamie – How water comes into our homes

Jennifer – Problem

Róisín – Water conservation – a simple explanation of what this is

Luke – Water conservation – how our project idea helps conserve water


Important Note:  This does not have to be typed out.  You are doing the research now and making some notes.  You can either handwrite it or type it when you have found some information.


Useful websites for research:

First Lego League Jr official website:

World Book Online Encyclopedia:

Irish Water:

Search Engine: 

You can email any information (text or pictures) that you wish to use in your project to:

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